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Here is The Ultimate Mailbox. Look for yourself!
The stainless steel hand-buffed bright finish is like no
other. Our mailboxes are hand-crafted and made to order.

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Veeders Stainless Steel Mail Box 
Our small Stainless Steel model

Our custom roadside mailboxes have a beautiful appearance, super strength, and are hand crafted like none other. Here's six reasons people who have one are very happy: 

  • The design of the Veeders™ Mailbox is pleasing to the eye. It is not garish or gaudy, and it is built with vandal resistant qualities. Part of it's success is that it doesn't look like you are trying to prove anything. 
  • Mailbox vandalism is a national pastime. The VeedersMailbox is made of VERY thick steel to deal with this reality. All seams are welded full length to maximize strength. A locking partition to secure your mail is an accessory sold separately. 
  • Epoxy primer and aliphatic polyurethane finish coating are the best paint money can buy. 
  • The 5/16th hinge pin, handle, and fasteners on the painted mailbox are stainless steel. 
  • Handmade in the tradition of old world craftsmanship. These are not your run of the mill cookie cutter mailboxes.
  • Customer feedback for nearly thirty five years means this mailbox is now better than ever. 
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